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Banshee Silver

Lunula Hook Earrings

Lunula Hook Earrings

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This design by Úna O'Boyle represents the crescent moon. Handmade in sterling silver, these earrings from Banshee Silver are a striking addition to your jewellery collection. A beautiful gift for any moon Goddess! The matching pendant is also available in Blue Beans.

Early Irish jewellery was hammered out of gold and shaped like a crescent Moon and known as a “Lunula”. These were popular in the Bronze Age, no doubt to show status and wealth.  Later in Ireland, the penannular brooch developed and was used as a cloak fastener in Medieval times.  They were often very ornate and consisted of a semi-circular body with a sliding pin for fastening robes. However, the essential shape of the crescent moon persisted.

30mm long and 12mm wide




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