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Banshee Silver

Moonstone Hook Earrings

Moonstone Hook Earrings

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This design by Úna O'Boyle represents the ever-changing presence of the moon, its waxing, and waning. Handmade in sterling silver with a moonstone in the middle. These earrings from Banshee Silver are a striking addition to your jewellery collection. A beautiful gift for any moon Goddess! The matching pendant is also available in Blue Beans.

 Our ancient ancestors had a close relationship with nature and were keenly aware they depended on the elements. The moon and sun were revered by the ancient Celts. Many of the passage and wedge tombs in Ireland are aligned with the rising and setting sun, darkness, and light. The phases of the Moon have been used to represent the life cycle of Women in many cultures. This is popularly represented by two crescent moons back to back and a full moon in the centre. The waxing moon represents the girl in her youth, the full moon represents fertility and childbirth and the waning moon the Wisdom of the older woman. 

32mm long and 17mm wide




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