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Banshee Silver

Ogham Pendant

Ogham Pendant

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This design by Úna O'Boyle is handmade in sterling silver and adorned with brass spirals and copper to represent the Ogham script. The silver has a texture of lace to represent the Megalithic standing stones prevalent all over Ireland. This Pendant from Banshee Silver is a striking addition to your jewellery collection and will compliment an outfit from dusk until dawn. The matching earrings are also available in Blue Beans. A lovely gift for those with an interest in Celtic culture and an appreciation for beautiful design.

The early alphabet known as Ogham script consisted of simple characters easily drawn using downward and upward strokes. Each letter in the Ogham alphabet was associated with a tree. Trees were considered sacred by the Druids, particularly the Oak from which the word Druid is thought to derive. Ogham script can be seen on standing stones throughout Ireland and other parts of the Celtic World.

36mm long and 14mm wide. 




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