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Banshee Silver

Salmon of Knowledge Hook Earrings

Salmon of Knowledge Hook Earrings

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This design by Úna O'Boyle represents the Salmon of Knowledge. Handmade in sterling silver, with brass spirals and a copper fish. These earrings from Banshee Silver are a striking addition to your jewellery collection. The matching pendant is also available in Blue Beans.  A lovely gift for those with an interest in Celtic culture and an appreciation for beautiful design.

MacCumhaill, under the guardianship of poet Finn Eces, was ordered to cook a salmon, and while turning it, burnt his thumb. By sucking his thumb he inadvertently ate from the salmon of knowledge “bradán feasa” which fed from the sacred pool surrounded by nine hazels. In this way he gained his extraordinary wisdom and power and famously created the Giant’s Causeway by ripping rocks from the earth and throwing them across the Irish sea to make a causeway to Scotland to conquer the Scottish giant Benandonner.

This product measures 31mm long and 15mm wide.




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