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Banshee Silver

The Hare And The Moon Pendant

The Hare And The Moon Pendant

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This design by Úna O'Boyle is handmade in sterling silver and brass and can be worn day or night. Banshee Silver offers timeless, yet contemporary pieces, designed to become a mainstay in your jewellery collection. Visit Blue Beans online for matching earrings and  more beautiful pieces. 

Ireland has its own distinct species of hare which is believed to have been here since before the last ice age. Such was its importance it was represented on the old threepenny piece. Hares were admired for strength, speed and were noted for being active at night and relating to the moon. They were believed to be Shapeshifters in Irish mythology and were associated with the Otherworld. Witches were believed to transform themselves into hares in order to steal milk, often hiding behind sheaves of corn. They were linked with the end of the harvest, with the cutting of the last sheaf known as putting out the Cailleach or the hare.

23mm long and 18mm wide. 




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